Tire Plasma Tubeless Sealant



Great sealant makes tubeless setup effortless, and seals punctures before you even know they happened.

We've used our share of mediocre sealants, messy, smelly slop that left us yearning for the halcyon days of tubes. So when it came time to formulate our own sealant, we knew what to avoid.åÊ

Tire Plasma is a uniquely compounded acrylic resin with self cross-linking properties. It's designed to provide quick and efficient puncture blocking to prevent the loss of air pressure. It's non-toxic, and cleans up with water, and it won't break the bank to seal up your tires!

What's in the box: Choose either a single serve pack, a 1L bottle, or a box of 10 single serve packs for the mountain biker on the go

Collections: Tires, Wheelgoods

Type: Tubeless

Recommended Volumes

plasma tire sealant

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