Tubeless Tape



Most tubeless tape has as least one weakness. It doesn't stick well, leaves a residue when removed, is hard to install, is too thick or too thin.

Our tape balances the needs of tubeless users with a purpose designed tape, not just our favorite tape from the hardware store.

What's in the box: Tubeless tape

e*thirteen tubeless tape:

  • Has the right amount of adhesive
  • Will not leave a residue when removed
  • Stretches for easy install and snug valve fit
  • Won't tear easily
  • Comes in perfect widths for e*thirteen rims
  • 8m roll tapes 2 wheels
  • 40m roll tapes 10 wheels

Collections: Spares, Tires, Wheelgoods

Type: Tubeless


  • For 21mm internal width rims use 25mm wide tape
  • For 24mm internal width rims use 28mm wide tape
  • For 27mm and 28mm internal width rims use 30mm wide tape

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