Chainring Bolt



The perfect compliment to your e*thirteen crankset or Guidering. Available with 5mm, 7.5mm and 11mm T-nuts.

What's in the box: bolts x4, nuts x4

Collections: Spares

Type: Chainring bolt

Primary Uses

  • 5mm steel T-nuts for counter sunk single ring set-ups
  • 7.5mm aluminum T- nuts for middle and inner rings in a triple set-up or for use with our 104bcd flip-flop Guidering M
  • 11mm aluminum T-nuts for a Turbocharger and a Guidering
  • All sets come with 6.5mm aluminum bolts
  • 7.5mm steel bolts (no T-nuts) for inner chainring mounting


Material Aluminum
Length 6mm bolts; 5mm, 7.5mm or 11mm nuts
Compatability 8, 9, 10 speed
Colors red, gold, blackout
Weight 11-16gg

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