LG1 Enduro Gen2 Semi Slick (S/S) Tyres



For 2018, our TRS tires are reengineered with a more stable, supportive casing, and better puncture protection.

The reengineered TRS and LG1 tires carry over the same tread pattern, however, the second generation e*thirteen tires use tapered Apex inserts, which dramatically improve grip under cornering and braking, decrease rolling resistance, and dramatically increase the tire’s puncture resistance.

On Race tires, there’s an added a layer of woven aramid reinforcement that not only maximizes air retention, but better protects against sidewall cuts and punctures.

Both Race and Plus tires use a slow rebound, tacky rubber throughout the tire, but the Race version uses high-tack rubber on the side knobs to maximize cornering and off camber grip.

What's in the box: One(1) Tire

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TRS RACE All-Terrain TRS PLUS All-Terrain
SIZES 27.5 or 29
27.5 or 29
WIDTH True 2.35" True 2.35"
PLY COUNT Single Ply Single Ply
Apex inserts, aramid reinforced casing, high-tack side knobs, slow-rebound rubber, tubeless ready, folding bead.
Apex inserts, tubeless ready, slow-rebound rubber, folding bead.
COMPOUND Race Compound Plus Compound

27.5" - 995 grams

29" -  1094 grams

27.5" - 990 grams

29" -  1033 grams



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